Remakes of Max Payne 1 and 2 are in production; Control 2 remains in development

DivulgaĆ§Ć£o/Remedy Entertainment

In a new quarterly financial report, Remedy Entertainment revealed information about the development of its future games. And the big highlight were the remakes of Max Payne 1 e 2which are already in production, the information that Control 2 is in the early stages of development.

The report has a section by Remedy CEO Tero Virtala who highlights that Control 2 is in the conceptual testing phase, which is the initial stage of development to understand what direction and mechanics the game will have. The process will continue in this same phase in the coming quarters, but they are very ambitious and are making good progress.

As for the remakes of Max Payne 1 e 2, the games have reached the production phase and have a very well organized team already dedicated to the project. Despite this, Remedy did not detail possible launch forecasts, as this stage of production has just started.

Other projects were also mentioned, such as Codename Vanguard (temporary name), who is in the process of contacting the publisher; the cooperative game Condorwhich is in the same initial phase as Control 2; in addition to the good reception from critics and the public at the launch of Alan Wake 2which took place on October 27th.

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Fonte: Remedy Entertainment