Raising the game for generations to come


eSports are here to stay, and much of the movement we have today is the natural evolution of the internet cafe era, when a mod Half-Life it grew so much that it became an independent game. The first version of Counter Strike was originally published in 2000 and in less than a month, the Electronic Sports League was also founded, which rented servers to hold electronic game tournaments.

At the time, strategy games were the focus, but CS it grew quickly and in 2003, with the arrival of version 1.6, its popularity exploded. Since then, with important updates such as the CS:GOit took 20 years to develop and expand the competitive scene and ESL itself, which in 2007 launched the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) tournament series, in
partnership with Intel.

CS2 + Brazil is a match

Now in 2023, players have finally received Counter Strike 2which takes the place of CS:GOcompletely redone and optimized for the most modern hardware. CS2 brings a renewed air to one of the most important titles in the history of electronic sports, without losing the usual essence and competitiveness.

Over these two decades, the pillar that kept the game alive and evolving was, without a doubt, the community, mainly Brazilian. Brazil has some of the most important eSports teams, such as MIBR e paiN Gaminga crucial factor for IEM to bring to Rio de Janeiro one of the biggest brands of CS:GO for two consecutive years, in 2022 and 2023.

More than just cheering and watching, Brazilians have always been passionate about Counter Strike, and from this love Gamers Club was born, the largest electronic sports platform in Latin America. Focused on providing the necessary structure with dedicated local servers for amateurs and professionals to practice, compete, or just have fun, the company constantly invests in online actions to unite and further engage this community.

Raising the level of the game

Despite replacing the relatively lightweight Global Offensive, the sequel maintains comprehensive minimum requirements but shines even on modern PCs. During South By Southwest (SXSW) in Sydney, the Australian overclocking Team.AU managed to reach 1,310 FPS in CS2 as overclock de um CPU Intel Core i9-14900K.

Naturally this is not a realistic scenario for competition setups, much less casual ones, but it makes it clear that the new game is widely adapted to deliver much more performance, fluidity and increasingly better graphics for many generations of hardware.

One of Intel’s missions is to always provide gamers with the most modern and innovative, reaffirming that the PC is still the best platform for gaming. However, it is not enough to believe this, without making it clear, in practice, and the company recognizes Brazilian gamers as a very important audience.

For this reason, Intel has teamed up with Gamers Club to make it easier for game fans Counter Strike were prepared to make the most of the CS2. The partnership for Black Friday 2023 featured a series of promotions with top-of-the-line processors and powerful graphics cards. In addition to having announced excellent opportunities to upgrade the setup for the best experience in CS2last Friday (24), there was a live broadcast at 7pm on the Gamers Club channel on Twitch.

The broadcast featured interactive online activations and the special participation of Yuri “Fly” Uchiyama and Amanda “AMD” Abreu, one of the biggest casters and eSports content creators in the country. Partnerships like this reinforced Brazil’s relevance for the electronic sports scene, the games industry in general, and especially for Intel, which has one of its largest markets in the country.