PS5 Slim will require internet to install and use disc reader


The PlayStation 5 Slim will require an internet connection to install the disc player due to the pairing process during the console’s initial setup. In addition, you will also need to perform an online validation of the drive before each use — in other words: you will also need to be online to use the reader.

One of the differences of the PS5 Slim is that the console’s disc reader is optional and can be purchased separately. However, Sony seems to be trying hard to stop parallel accessories.

Avoiding unofficial products

The initial connection for setup is not necessarily a problem, as firmware and system updates generally need to be performed. However, the reader’s recurring validation raises some troubling questions.

In general, console manufacturers tend to charge somewhat high prices for official accessories, and this also applies to Microsoft and Nintendo. For this reason, the segment of parallel devices compatible with these platforms has several options for all tastes and in different price ranges, including even more expensive premium models.

As a result, it is common for some of these brands to sign licensing agreements with console manufacturers, ensuring that their product meets quality requirements. On the other hand, using an unlicensed product rarely poses a real problem, and is not covered by warranty.

No connection, no disc reader

Therefore, it is generally up to the user to decide whether to pay more for an official or licensed accessory, or cheaper versions, assuming the appropriate risks. Apparently, Sony does not want to allow room for this to happen with the PlayStation 5 Slim disc players, if there really is a need for online validation before each time it is used.

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Therefore, the PS5 Slim may not be the best option for some users. Even if the check only occurs occasionally between sessions, it would prevent players from using their consoles in the event of a connection drop, or even due to failed access to Sony servers.

Fonte: Eurogamer