PS5 Slim | Leaks alleged console image with removable disk reader

PS5 Slim |  Leaks alleged console image with removable disk reader

VGres of new versions of the PlayStation 5 have been around practically since the console’s launch, but a new image hints at a potential announcement of a PS5 Slim version. In addition to the reimagined look, the photo shows that the new version may have a removable disk reader.

After months of rumors about the existence of a PlayStation 5 Slim project, a photo was posted on the Chinese forum A9VG showing a PS5 that fits the information leaked by insiders. Although the thickness of the console appears to be the same as the current console model, it appears to be approximately 5cm shorter in height.

With a similar look to the current model, it still has removable covers, a way for Sony to continue selling different models for customization. The difference is that they have a slit in the middle, something that must be related to the height difference between the video games.

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Another important piece of information that it is not possible to confirm with the photo is about the console’s disc reader. According to insiders, this model would have a removable reader, which would likely be sold separately by Sony. This would be a good solution for those who would buy the video game for less, but if they preferred, they could purchase the add-on later.

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Previously, rumors indicated the existence of a PS5 Slim project with a removable reader, as well as a PS5 Pro, with greater performance than the current version of the console.

The existence of new versions, leaner or more powerful, of the PlayStation 5 have been expected by players since forever due to Sony’s strategy. The company launches versions of its video games with different designs since the PlayStation 1 era, and with the PS4 it started an era with models with improved processing compared to the initial console. Currently, Sony markets the PS5 in its Disc and Digital versions.

For now, Sony has not commented on the possible leak, so consider this information just internet rumors.