PS5 Slim | Console version arrives in Brazil cheaper than the previous model


Sony has started pre-selling the PS5 Slim, a new model of the PlayStation 5 that has already been launched abroad but will soon reach the hands of Brazilian consumers. Now available at major retailers, the console’s suggested price was revealed, which should be R$200 less than the suggested value of the previous model of the video game.

The company will bring the PS5 Slim to Brazil for R$3,799.90, with a more compact format, 30% smaller than the gigantic PlayStation 5 launch model, and between 18% and 24% lighter. Furthermore, the Slim model has more storage space, coming with 1 TB from the factory, instead of the 825 GB of the common PS5 model.

Another change in the design of the PS5 Slim is the console’s special covers. While in the previous version there were only two, in the new model there are four, which will also be sold by Sony so that the player can customize the look of their console. More details about the availability and prices of these caps in Brazil should be released soon.

PS5 Slim arrives without a disc reader

An important piece of information is that the new model arriving in Brazil does not come with a disc player. Although the console has this option abroad, the national Slim does not have the possibility of choosing the version with a disc drive.

Sony may offer the hardware separately for purchase in the future, but the company has not yet confirmed its expected launch in Brazil or the suggested price for the reader. This way, whoever buys the PS5 Slim will only be able to play titles purchased digitally from the PlayStation Store.

Despite all these changes, the PlayStation 5 Slim has the same capacity as its chubbier brother, delivering 3D audio, 4K graphics and ultra-fast loading, thanks to its special SSD.

This version features the same joystick, the Dualsense, with adaptable triggers that can make a difference in immersion in different games. In the packaging of the new video game, players will also find the horizontal support to leave the console standing upright.