Proof of life: INSS announces changes in criteria and makes life easier for users

Proof of life: INSS announces changes in criteria and makes life easier for users

This year, proof of life should be done by 17 million Brazilians who receive retirement, pension or disability benefits. However, the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) announced, this week, new protocols and, from now on, it is the institution that will seek to identify which beneficiaries are alive (or not).

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According to the Minister of Social Security, Carlos Lupi, this system of active search by the INSS is fairer. “Why does the citizen have to prove that he is alive, and not the INSS? Many do not have the physical conditions or anyone to take them to a gas station or bank to prove their life, ”he explains.

How will the INSS know who is alive without proof of life?

To find out which beneficiaries are still alive, the INSS will start to cross data from different banks associated with the government. Examples include: getting vaccinated in the Unified Health System (SUS), renewing your driver’s license, voting in elections or filing your income tax return.

When the INSS receives information that the user has carried out any of these activities, it will be considered an indication of the beneficiary’s life that will serve to compose an “information package” about the person. “When the total number of actions throughout the year registered in the partner databases is sufficient, the system will consider the proof of life carried out, guaranteeing the maintenance of the benefit until the next cycle”, explains the entity.

What if the INSS is wrong in its judgment?

In order to confirm whether the person is alive, the INSS will have ten months, starting from the beneficiary’s birthday, where it will have to gather information about him/her coming from different systems and databases. If identification is not made within this period, the individual will be notified by the Meu INSS application, by telephone (Central 135) and by the banks. In this contact, you will be asked to update your information within 60 days.

What data will the INSS use in the proof of life?

Below, check out the complete list of actions that will be included in the INSS calculation to replace the traditional proof of life:

  • Access to the Meu INSS application with the gold seal or other applications and systems of public bodies and entities that have certification and access control;
  • Payroll loan contracting, with biometric recognition;
  • Face-to-face service at INSS branches or by biometric recognition at partner entities or institutions, as in the case of medical expertise;
  • Vaccination;
  • Registration or re-registration in transit and public safety bodies;
  • Updates in CADÚNICO;
  • Voting in elections;
  • Issuance or renewal of passport, driver’s license; work card; ID card;
  • Receipt of benefit payment with biometric recognition;
  • Income Tax Declaration, as holder or dependent.

Source: INSS and Agência Brasil