Problems with the Mi Band? See possible solutions

Problems with the Mi Band? See possible solutions

The Mi Band, Xiaomi's smartband, has numerous features capable of monitoring physical exercises and can even analyze the sleep of its users. Despite having a good functioning, over time, the bracelet can present some problems.

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It may be that the bracelet presents problems when recording activities, connection failures with your smartphone, difficulties to connect, or even to charge. If your Mi Band is experiencing any of these problems, check out some possible solutions below!

Mi Band: problems with activity logging

One of the main activities of the bracelet is to monitor physical activities. It evaluates the heartbeat, steps and sleep of its users, but if these features are compromised, you can access your device's app store and check for updates to Mi Fit (Android | iOS).

As soon as you update the app, the bracelet should receive a new package that will update its firmware, which establishes the connection between the software and the hardware. Then, the device will be able to record its activities again.

Mi Band: connection problems with the cell phone

If the bracelet is not connecting correctly with your cell phone, one way to solve this type of problem is to unpair the Mi Band and configure it again.

To unpair the bracelet, open the Mi Fit app, access your Settings, click on “Unpair” and wait for the processing to finish.

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Scroll to the bottom of the Settings tab and click "Unpair" (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Then, reconnect the bracelet with your smartphone. Learn more about how to configure your Mi Band by accessing the tutorial below:

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Mi Band: Problems connecting

After a period of not using the bracelet, when you use it again, you may have had problems connecting it. Although it was designed to be used for approximately 30 days in a row, the smartband needs to be recharged.

It may be that the problem you encountered is directly linked to the fact that the battery has run out. In that case, put it to load. Learn more about how to charge your Mi Band by clicking the link below:

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If you carried the bracelet and the problem still persists, consider taking it to a service center for further Reviews.

Mi Band: charging problems

If you are having difficulty charging your Mi Band, you may have a problem with the cable or the adapters. In the long run, to keep these components working properly, always keep them clean, away from heat and moisture.

Fit the Mi Band with the magnetic connectors on the USB adapter (Photo: Matheus Bigogno)

Be very careful when handling these items, as they really are quite fragile. If the problem persists, you can also purchase an additional cable or an extra charger for your bracelet.

Mi Band: restore factory settings

If your bracelet still has problems, try to restore your factory settings. Open the bracelet menu, select the "More" item, scroll to the bottom of the tab, click "Settings", select the "Reset data" item, and then tap the "Confirm" icon to end the procedure.

Access the Mi Band 4 menu and click on "Reset data" to reset the smartband (Photo: Matheus Bigogno)

You can access more information on how to restore your Mi Band to factory settings by clicking the link below:

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Remember that, after the procedure, the bracelet must be paired again with your cell phone.

Ready! You can now use one of these solutions to solve a problem that you have encountered when using your Mi Band.