Probable Huawei Mate X3 appears in images with periscope camera

Probable Huawei Mate X3 appears in images with periscope camera

Huawei may soon update its line of foldable phones with the Mate X3, and new leaked images have revealed some likely features of the device. The content shows the smartphone from a rear angle, highlighting the camera arrangement.

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At first, it will have four lenses on the back, combined with a flash in the central section. The presence of a camera with a rectangular frame suggests the adoption of a periscope for greater zoom, as in its direct predecessor.

When it was presented in 2021, the Mate X2 stood out for being the first foldable with a periscope lens. With an 8 MP sensor, it is capable of delivering 10x optical approximation, and 100x hybrid – not even the Galaxy Z Fold 4 reaches this zoom level.

The Huawei Mate X3 should still feature XMAGE image processing technology. With it, the brand promises to optimize results in photos and videos, even in unfavorable light conditions.

It is not possible to get details of the look of the device, as the image shows a unit with a protective cover. However, rumors have already pointed out that it should have a camera module with a circular shape, to maintain the visual identity similar to the Mate 50 line.

Huawei Mate X3 – what to expect

The Huawei Mate X3 is expected to have the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 as the main performance component. However, the platform will be offered in a version compatible only with 4G connections.

The device should still come with the second generation of Huawei’s satellite communication technologies. With it, you can send and receive messages by text and voice, among other functions.

It was also said that the smartphone will have a screen with Kunlun Glass technology, which was presented in the Mate 50 line. Created by Huawei itself, the solution is capable of offering up to ten times more resistance against physical shocks and other types of damage.

Its construction should house a 4,800 mAh battery, with support for recharges of up to 66 W with a USB-C cable. It’s the same charging speed as the Huawei Mate Xs 2, the Chinese brand’s latest foldable.

A specific date for the launch of the Huawei Mate X3 has not yet been announced – even rumors about it have been circulating for over a year. However, the appearance in real images reinforces the possibility that the smartphone will arrive at some point in the coming weeks.

Source: SparrowsNews