Privacy Day and the topics of concern for 2023

Privacy Day and the topics of concern for 2023

International Data Privacy Day, which takes place this Saturday (28), was created as an awareness and information date. In an increasingly digitized society, the simplification brought about by technology has also accompanied greater risks to citizens’ confidentiality and, also, threats to their data by cybercriminals, with trends for 2023 solidifying this scenario.

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Between geopolitical events and an ever-increasing pursuit of financial gain, cybercrime gained ground, while on the other side, government regulatory agencies imposed control and accountability standards. At the heart of it all, users and companies under pressure, and also greater protection devices, with the theme of digital security expected to continue to have this primordial space in 2023, according to Kaspersky’s forecasts.

The security company points to the fragmentation of the internet as one of the main concerns in the year that begins, with the information trackers available on different pages generating user profiles with increasing depth. The dichotomy continues, as international privacy protection rules also become stricter.

All of this is happening while smartphones maintain their position as the center of digital life, replacing documents and credit cards in people’s daily lives. Kaspersky, however, also draws attention to the presence of health data, such as vaccination certificates, being accepted worldwide, which expands the amount of data stored and adds value in case of an attack.

At the other end, large organizations find themselves in a complicated moment, in which systems need to be implemented securely, without flaws that allow attacks, and at the same time must combat human errors. Social engineering and phishing are major vectors of scams in the corporate market and are likely to remain so in 2023 as large corporations adjust to local privacy rules.

Increased attack surface and alternative insurance

Another subject in vogue, which should remain at the top of discussions in 2023, is the Internet of Things. If more care is taken with security holes and social engineering, criminals can target the myriad of connected devices, many without available updates or fixes for critical holes, as a vector of entry into corporate systems and even the home of ordinary people, with the gaining profitable data and extortion attacks as a result.

For Kaspersky, there is greater awareness of this aspect and there is an expectation that this segment will generate less information leaks in 2023. Still, the alert remains lit in favor of prevention, with adequate configurations and monitoring systems also being applied to cameras, sensors, locks and other IoT devices.

Meanwhile, in the personal sphere, leak insurance and data protection services should gain ground, as is already happening in the corporate world. Again, the increase in risk perception and the growth in information collection generates a precautionary posture on the part of users, who may seek to reduce their digital footprints or find ways to better protect their online existence.