Power Rangers will win special on Netflix with original cast; see photos

Power Rangers will win special on Netflix with original cast;  see photos

The Power Rangers are back with their original roster. Netflix has announced a special involving the classic lineup of colorful heroes to celebrate the series’ 30th anniversary. Named Power Rangers: Now and Forever, the production even gained some official images that are a huge show of nostalgia. The premiere is scheduled for April 19.

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The released photos show some of the original cast of the first season of super satai, including David Yost in the role of Billy, the Blue Ranger, and Walter Emanuel Jones returning to the uniform of the Black Ranger. And it’s curious to see how time seems to have passed differently for each of them.

In addition to the duo, other actors who participated in other seasons of Power Rangers will also return. This includes actors Steve Cardenas, Karan Ashley and Johnny Yong Bosch, who entered the second season of the classic series by taking on the mantles of the new Rangers Red, Yellow and Black, respectively. By the way, many people got to know the team with their characters Rocky, Aisha and Adam.

Netflix also confirmed a name related to the third season of the series. Actress Catherine Sutherland will return as Kat Hillard, the Pink Ranger who came to participate in the sequels Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers Zeo.

According to the official synopsis released by Netflix, Power Rangers: Now and Forever will bring the heroes back to action in a time of global crisis to save the world. The idea, according to the proposal, is to assert the motto that “once a creak, always a creak” and that wearing the colorful uniform makes you join this big family.

No details were given about this new threat, as all the initial disclosure is based on nostalgia and the fact that we see the original actors returning to play these characters 30 years later.

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Still, one of the cast’s names can give the clue of what’s to come. The young Charlie Kersh, only 16 years old, will interpret the character Minh Kwan, who will be nothing less than the daughter of Trini, the original Yellow Ranger. By all indications, he is to inherit his mother’s rank and carry on the legacy as a hero for a new generation.

Although nothing has been commented on the subject, it is very likely that Power Rangers: Now and Forever will also be a great tribute to the actors who were part of the series over these three decades and who passed away, such as Thuy Trang herself, who lived Trini and died in 2001 in a traffic accident. Last November, the death of actor Jason David Frank, the eternal Green Ranger, was confirmed.