PlayStation Portal: opening reveals old Snapdragon and glued circuits


The YouTube channel Jacob R opened the PlayStation Portal, showing all the internal parts of the console to understand and verify the assembly. The opening, however, shows an old Snapdragon processor and glued circuits, which make a possible repair of the console very difficult.

In the video, the first thing that stands out is the somewhat complex disassembly which, even without a screw, needs to highlight the black band that covers the entire control ā€“ which already leaves part of the circuit exposed. The rear cover can also be removed easily without screws, but it leaves the wiring and the first screws exposed, which have to be removed carefully.

After dismantling these parts comes the first problem: it is only possible to access the rest of the circuit after removing the screen, which is glued to the battery. This process is laborious and makes it very difficult to change parts or repair the PlayStation Portal, as even a defective analogue cannot be replaced quickly by an ordinary person, as the glued screen traps all the wiring and requires specific equipment to open it properly. safe.

The other point highlighted was the chipset used in the console, which is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 662, which has very low performance compared to other portable consoles, being very obsolete (launched in 2019) for the price of US$ 199.99 charged on the PlayStation Portal. For a good measure of comparison, this is the same processor used in the Motorola Moto G30 (2021) and Xiaomi Poco M3 (2020).

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PlayStation Portal is not available in Brazil, but can be found on the international market for US$199.99 (approximately R$980 at current prices).