PlayStation accounts are banned for no reason; Sony is reversing cases


Last Tuesday (5), a series of players had their PlayStation Network (PSN) accounts banned for no apparent reason. Aware of the situation, Sony has already started to reverse these false positives, reestablishing players’ access to their consoles.

The wave of bans began to be reported on Tuesday morning, with several players receiving the punishment message for no apparent reason. At the time of the punishment, it was not possible to open tickets to complain, as the account was banned and all access was restricted.

With this situation, many players began to complain on social media and, after the first complaints caught the public’s attention, some users began to report the return of access to PSN. According to The Verge, on Tuesday night the bans were reversed.

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Players in the dark

After this whole situation, PlayStation did not comment on the case on any of the social networks or on its official blog until the time this article was written. Many players complain, as posts continued as normal on social media while many people did not have access to their accounts ā€“ and they do not know why until now.

Interestingly, these erroneous bans also happened to Counter-Strike 2 on the same day. But Valve cited that it was caused by a problem with the update and reversed the bans within hours.

Fonte: The Verge