PlayStation 6 should arrive in 2028 with a focus on path tracing

Triyansh Gill/Unplash

With many rumors related to the launch of a more powerful version of the PS5 soon, Sony is already actively working on the development of the PlayStation 6. A leak made by YouTuber and informant RedGaming Tech points out that the Japanese giant’s upcoming console is being produced to be the most powerful video game of the generation.

According to information from the insider, the PS6 has been in development for around a year, but there is still no concrete and defined information about its technical specifications, such as the processor and RAM memory. However, there is a consensus that Sony will use AMD technologies in the new device, as in previous generations. On the other hand, the next Xbox may use Intel processors.

Speculation suggests that not only could the PlayStation 6 be the most powerful console when it is released, but Sony would also be very interested in increasing the device’s Ray Tracing and Path Tracing capabilities. To do this, the company will certainly need an iGPU with many ray tracing accelerators with AMD’s next technologies.

PS5 Pro could arrive soon

The YouTuber comments that the most plausible launch window so far is 2028. By then, AMD will have already launched new processors with the Zen 6 architecture and graphics with the microarchitecture based on RDNA 5. Although we don’t have much information about these technologies to date, the generational leap must be quite considerable.

In addition to the rumors about the PS6, RedGaming Tech also indicated more details regarding the PlayStation 5 Pro. The console must have a processor with eight custom Zen 2 cores and a hybrid GPU solution with RDNA 2 and/or 3 with something between 56 and 60 enabled computing units.

While the PS6 should only arrive in 2028, the PS5 Pro could be launched later this year. However, in the hardware industry projects are created and canceled all the time, such as the possible two new Xboxes that would arrive in 2026. Therefore, consider all information as mere rumors.

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