Play Services is updated and now allows notes on passwords saved on the cell phone

Play Services is updated and now allows notes on passwords saved on the cell phone

Yet another Google Play Services update has been released to the general public recently. As of January 2023, the suite includes support for one more QR Code scanner for Matter devices and the ability to include annotations for credentials saved in Google Password Manager.

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Google Play Services updates enhance the overall experience with Google’s operating system, but without requiring a major update. It was in this way that the owner of the system was able to overcome the delay of manufacturers and telephone operators to continue launching important news for users.

Notes for saved passwords

One of the most important new features of the suite is the ability to add annotations to credentials saved in Google Password Manager. The feature allows you to attach notes to new or previously registered passwords and logins for whatever you need — give clues about the keyword (which is not recommended), attach reminders about the account, or record the last time it was renewed.

Google Wallet web version

The web version of Google Wallet also received a build deal. The service’s mobile-adapted website received a “visual and infrastructure” rework, said the company, without giving details about the news.

Google Play Services January Update

The first Google Play Services package of 2023 introduces a large list of improvements to the operating system, including new features and indispensable fixes. Check the list:

  • [Celular e Wear OS] Fixed bugs in Account Management, Privacy and Security, System Management and Diagnostics, and Utilities sections
  • [Celular e PC] Expanded list of use cases for Play Games profiles
  • Added features to improve app and game recommendation on Play Store
  • Google store app has been optimized to improve download and installation speed
  • The Play Protect protection system has received improvements
  • [Celular] Google password manager now lets you add notes to saved credentials
  • [Celular] Google Wallet web experience has been visually and internally reworked
  • [Celular] Added new developer resources to support machine learning and AI related device connectivity
  • [Celular] Important improvements have been added to the QR Code scanner: the engine is able to scan photos saved in the gallery; recognizes Matter devices more quickly; and now supports UPI Code, mainly used in payment systems in India
  • [Celular] General system fixes and improvements were implemented

How to update Play Services

Play Services updates are distributed automatically and reach all users in a matter of weeks. If you want to get the pack ahead, though, you can check for builds available from the Play Store.