Pixel Tablet should have single version and LCD screen

Pixel Tablet should have single version and LCD screen

The Pixel Tablet has been shown by Google for some time, but has not had all its specifications revealed so far. New rumors, however, point out how the line of tablets should be arranged, among other technical details.

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It was said that the tablet should be sold in a single version — that is, without a Pro variant, for example. It is different information from what had been previously disclosed, in which Google would be working with a more basic and an advanced model.

Apparently, the company would have set aside the simplest device, which would come with a first-generation Tensor processor. Therefore, the most powerful—and expensive—product must be the only one sold by the company.

Pixel Tablet should bring LCD screen

Informant Kuba Wojciechowski indicated that the tablet screen should have a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels. In addition, it will come with a Richtek RT4539 LED driver, used in panels with LCD technology — thus, the Pixel Tablet should not have an OLED display.

Other rumors have already shown that the device would arrive with at least a version of 8 GB of RAM, whose components would be provided by Samsung. Meanwhile, the UFS internal storage can stay at 256GB.

It was also reported that the product may have a fingerprint sensor on the side. It is likely that the component is integrated into the on/off button, as is the case with most cell phones and tablets sold today.

Wojciechowski even published images of the product, which reaffirmed the look already exposed by Google. The tablet will also serve as a smart home hub when connected to the base — however, it is not yet possible to know whether the speaker support will come with the device in the box or whether you will need to buy it separately.

Google has not yet revealed an official launch date for the Pixel Tablet, but it is likely to arrive this year. Until then, more information about him can be shown through leaks.