Pedro of Brazil | Studio creates “national Assassin’s Creed” about Brasil Império


Given that Assassin’s Creed is not coming to Brazil, a Brazilian studio decided to create its own historical adventure. Pedro of Brazil is a national game developed by the Quasares studio that puts the player in the shoes of historical characters from the time of the Brazilian Empire. With a strong inspiration from the Ubisoft franchise, the game even gained a trailer that draws attention to the quality of the work.

The game does not yet have a release date and the images released are part of a Pre-Alpha version, that is, something still in a very early stage of development. Still, the recreation of historical buildings, the setting of 19th century Brazil and the figure of D. Pedro II himself who appears at a certain moment shows how committed the project is to delivering an immersive experience.

The trailer presented by the Quasares team does not give many details about the plot that Pedro of Brazil should address, but there are some clues that can help understand the scope of the game. It is possible to see two playable characters: Maria Quitéria and André Rebouças, two very important names from the Brazilian imperial period.

According to the studio, the game will feature a semi-open world that faithfully recreates cities such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. To do this, they counted on the help of historians who helped both in recreating the architecture of the time and in details, such as clothes and objects.

In addition to D. Pedro II himself, who already appears in the trailer, the development team confirmed that Pedro of Brazil It will also feature D. Pedro I, Empress Leopoldina and Princess Isabel.

Who are the characters?

Maria Quitéria was the first woman to join the Brazilian Army and is a fundamental name in the independence struggles, while André Rebouças is part of the abolitionist movement, which took place decades later.

According to the official synopsis released by the studio, the player will follow the plot that goes from the Independence of Brazil to the Paraguayan War — a period of almost 50 years. With this, the game covers almost the entire Empire, which explains the two heroes.

Another point that this historical breadth brings is present in the gameplay. As Maria is part of a context in which the country has just left the state of a colony, we see her in much more rural settings, climbing trees and riding horses in large open fields. Rebouças, who was an inventor and engineer, appears in the middle of the city.

As said, Pedro of Brazil There is still no date for its release and not even a prediction of when it should happen. Still, the game has already received a page on Steam where you can add it to your wish list.