Paid version of ChatGPT has possible price revealed

What is ChatGPT and why does it matter so much?

ChatGPT has released the price of the “Pro” version of the artificial intelligence model, say users of an early access group. A pro subscription to the AI ​​tool is supposed to cost $42 (R$220, direct conversion) per month to guarantee access to exclusive features and priority in the bot interaction queue, but many aren’t happy with that.

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So far, OpenAI has not disclosed the price of the service in any of the tool’s official channels. The only information circulating on the internet comes from users who have volunteered to receive the offer in advance.

For $42, ChatGPT “Professional Plan” subscribers get access to AI even when demand is high, shorter response times, and get new features first.

In a demo, developer Zahid Khawaja posted on Twitter an interaction with ChatGPT while subscribed to the professional plan. The bot responds to the user’s question much more quickly than usual, which should save frequent users of the tool considerable minutes.

mixed reception

The reception of the price of the service, however, is not so good: users complain about excessive charges and advantages that they do not find so interesting. In several of the comments on Twitter, the community complains about the inaccessible value, especially in countries whose local currency is devalued against the dollar.

“$42 is not a lot for the most aficionados who want to become ‘superhumans’ with the help of AI, [mas] it will be too much for many,” one user pointed out. “If that [o ChatGPT] If it made me money, I could justify the $42 a month, but in my country that’s a good percentage of the minimum wage,” added another person.

price can change

Pricing for the ChatGPT pro plan may change over time, however. In early 2023, OpenAI claimed to be exploring ways to monetize the service and this may be one of the first attempts, but not the only one. The fact that the company did not disclose the signature using official channels reinforces this possibility.

In addition, ChatGPT was one of the first artificial intelligence models of its kind to gain popularity on the internet, but this exclusivity will not last long. This year, big companies should enter the segment with their own initiatives, including Google.