Opera browser launches cashback service in Brazil

Opera browser launches cashback service in Brazil

Opera has launched its browser-integrated cashback service in Brazil and Mexico. Local users will now be able to receive a portion of the value of a purchase at a partner store directly in their app’s digital wallet.

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As the tool is integrated into the browser, there is no need to install any extensions or waste time with complex configurations. Opera Cashback can be accessed directly from the browser’s sidebar or via the address bar shortcut, when the site supports it.

By the way, one of the most interesting features is this alert sent when there is an opportunity to earn cashback in e-commerce. Between buying a product in a common store and another that offers a transfer of the value, even if small, the alert can help in the decision making.

The service will be available at more than 300 stores here in the fashion, electronics, travel, imports, general merchandise and software sectors. Stores like Americanas, Submarino, AliExpress, Adidas, Booking.com, Microsoft and Shoptime will be compatible with cashback — it is possible that others will be incorporated in the future.

Opera Cashback arrives in Brazil

The tool had already arrived in the United States and in some European countries in 2021, but now lands in two important world markets. The company was one of the first to offer this type of service associated with the app, which is usually linked to websites or credit cards.

In these parts, cashback will have high refund rates to attract people, paid in about 30 days after completing the purchase. Until the next February 15th, the rate offered will be doubled for Brazilians, reaching up to 51% of the total purchase.

Those who are not very fond of Opera will still be able to enjoy the tool in other browsers. There is an extension called Opera Cashback that is compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It’s not as effective as using the wallet in the native browser itself, but it can meet the needs of those who don’t give up their favorite app.

Opera’s last update took place in November, when the browser launched a quick shortcut to access TikTok. The feature allows you to consume short videos quickly and without taking an entire tab.