OnlyOffice 7.3 Launches with Print Preview, Editing Permissions, and More

OnlyOffice 7.3 Launches with Print Preview, Editing Permissions, and More

OnlyOffice 7.3 was released with a package of improvements this Tuesday (31). The update to the open source alternative suite to Microsoft 365 and LibreOffice introduces a number of small changes that improve the overall user experience, including roles to make filling out forms easier, more options for password protecting documents, and more.

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The compilation doesn’t present anything great, but it is important for the wide variety of functions and refinements that should embody OnlyOffice applications even more.

Positions on forms

One of the most important additions is the allocation of different positions to fill in spreadsheets, a resource that should make the presentation of documents much simpler and more intuitive.

Basically, the new feature allows the author of the document to determine roles for each type of user (with specific colors and names). Thus, he can mark the fields that need to be filled in by the position in question, all with a visual indicator.

Support for SmartArt pictures

Update 7.3 finally introduces support for SmartArt elements in OnlyOffice documents. The resource allows “creating visual representations of information in text files, spreadsheets, presentations and forms”, describe the developers.

Restrict actions in text documents

The OnlyOffice app has added new options to protect files from unwanted changes. Users can now choose what actions visitors can take, including view-only permissions, filling in certain fields, leaving comments, and tracking suggested revisions.

In some ways, the new options put OnlyOffice on a par with Google Docs, which takes advantage of ease of sharing and different levels of access to promote collaboration between colleagues.

Inspect calculations in special window

OnlyOffice 7.3 introduces the “Watch Window” feature to make it easier to inspect calculations in spreadsheets without scrolling down the page and checking each cell.

Create documents without opening the app

Finally, OnlyOffice lets you create brand new documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms without having to open the application first. The options “New document”, “New spreadsheet”, “New presentation” and “New form” are available directly from the context menu of the operating system.

print preview

Before printing a document, you can check the final result in a preview of OnlyOffice. The path to the print feature has also been made easier to access, being available from the “Quick Print” button on the top toolbar.


The OnlyOffice 7.3 update is distributed gradually, but it can also be downloaded from the program’s official website. On Linux, the update is available via the Snap Store or Flathub (but the build tends to take a few days to become available on those platforms).