One Piece | Live-action adaptation will get news soon, says producer

One Piece |  Live-action adaptation will get news soon, says producer

One Piece fans can get ready for news soon. Netflix must finally break the silence and show how the adaptation of the classic manga and anime, expected to arrive on streaming later this year, is turning out.

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The executive producer of the series, Matt Owens, participated in an online event with fans of the saga created by Eiichiro Oda and let it slip that more news about the series is on the way. According to him, fans of the Straw Hat Band will be surprised very soon with the news to come.

Owens didn’t detail exactly what will be revealed or when it will happen. However, considering that the last update on the series was made in August 2022, any crumb given by Netflix can already be considered a victory. At the same time, what the audience really wants to see is the look of the characters.

So far, all that streaming has presented is the cast lineup and some brief images that show how the different ships used by the various crews that the series presents should look like. However, there is still nothing official and definitive, which has been keeping many fans awake at night and leaving many people anxious about what is to come.

The great expectation is for a trailer or even a teaser that shows how the adaptation will replicate the exaggerated aesthetics of the anime and manga. One Piece has a very cartoonish approach, especially when it shows the rubber man powers of its protagonist Monkey D. Luffy. Thus, there is a mixture of curiosity and fear as to how the actor Iñaki Godoy will incorporate these characteristics.

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In addition to the boy, the adaptation of One Piece by Netflix still has Emily Rudd as Nami, Mackenyu as the swordsman Roronoa Zoro, Taz Skylar in the role of the cook Sanji and Jacob Gibson as the lying shooter Usopp.

The anime and manga tell the story of Luffy, a boy who dreams of becoming the Pirate King by finding the One Piece, a legendary treasure hidden by a legendary pirate. To do so, he has to deal both with a multitude of other pirates willing to find this prize before him, as well as political and social issues on each island he passes through. With more than 25 years of publication, the comic already has more than 100 volumes published, while the animation has surpassed 1000 episodes.

And although very little has been revealed by Netflix, the description of the episodes indicate that the series will summarize the entire arc of East Blue, ending just when Luffy and his crew enter the Grand Route in search of this lost treasure.

One Piece has no confirmed premiere date, but streaming has promised a 2023 release.