Old Samsung TVs receive Xbox and GeForce Now gaming apps


Samsung this week released a new wave of game streaming applications for televisions launched from 2020 onwards. Previously only available on more recent models, apps such as Xbox Game Pass and GeForce Now, from Nvidia, are now also available on devices with up to three years of launch.

Access comes with the 2500.0 update of the television firmware, released this week. The Samsung Gaming Hub, which works as the manufacturer’s gaming center, is not available on older models, but game streaming applications can be downloaded individually, like other streaming services already available on smart TVs.

In addition to Xbox Game Pass and GeForce Now software, other platforms not yet available in Brazil can also be used on the devices. This is the case with Amazon Luna, Antstream Arcade, Blacknut Cloud Gaming and Utomik, all with their own apps and dedicated support like Samsung’s latest TVs.

With the novelty, recent titles that attracted attention, such as Starfield e Cyberpunk 2077as well as hits like Fortnite can be played directly on the television. There is no need for a video game or PC: just connect a wireless controller via Bluetooth to the device and subscribe to the available services to access the titles.

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Downloading the applications is free. Access to cloud games, however, is paid: in Brazil, Xbox Game Pass costs R$49.99 per month in the Ultimate version (necessary to play on TV without a console or PC), while GeForce Now starts at R$58 on the cheapest plan.

PC streaming also on newer models

On televisions launching from 2022 onwards, the new feature is the arrival of the Boosteroid service — the cloud platform allows players to stream their PC games directly to the television from profiles on Steam, Epic Game Store, Battle.net and others . The big new feature of this system is the dedicated support for recent titles in the series. Call of Dutythanks to an agreement with Microsoft, which recently completed its acquisition of Activision-Blizzard.

The novelty also appears as an interesting alternative after the end of support for Steam Link on Samsung models. The official application for Valve’s gaming service stopped working on the Korean manufacturer’s smart TVs in October, leaving users without a way to take gaming from PCs to larger screens in other rooms of the house.