OD | Hideo Kojima reveals his new exclusive horror game for Xbox

Reprodução/Kojima Productions

Hideo Kojima is a man who has apparently been able to do whatever he wants since leaving Konami in his past. After having made a very strange, but still interesting Death Strandingnow the director revealed his new game, this time exclusive to Xbox Series S/X, during the ceremony The Game Awards.

Until now simply called FROM, the horror game must work with Microsoft’s cloud technology to help with processing the title. During the presentation, a trailer was revealed, showing the participation of Hollywood names, such as Sophia Lillis (It – The Thing), Hunter Schafer (Euphoria) and Udo Kier (Bacurau) no game.

Obviously, it is impossible to understand absolutely anything about the game, which previously had details leaked on the internet and was called Overdose. With the participation of Margaret Qualley, who worked with Kojima on Death Stranding, the leak presented a video showing the actress’ character fleeing through a hospital. Apparently, the name Overdose seemed too strong, causing the game to change to the acronym FROM.

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A new form of entertainment

On the stage of TGA 2023Kojima revealed that FROM It is a game, a film, and, at the same time, a new form of interactive entertainment. To go even further with this idea, he revealed that he is counting on the help of other people and introduced Jordan Peele, director of films such as Run!, Us e No! Do not look!.

Present on stage, Peele revealed that he has been a big fan of Kojima since he played Metar Gear Solid 2 and is honored to be able to work on this project with the director. Hideo also said that he is working with other Hollywood legends, but he cannot yet say what the names of his Avengers are. Yes, he made the joke with the Marvel heroes.

How Kojima Productions is working on Death Stranding 2 at the same time as FROM, it is not known for sure when the two games will be released. What can be imagined is that the first will be an exclusive production for PlayStation 5, while the second will only reach Xbox Series S/X.