Nubank app now displays account balances at other banks

Nubank app now displays account balances at other banks

This week, Nubank started experimenting with a tool that allows you to view the balance of bank accounts from other institutions from the app. The resource works through Open Finance and will be made available first to 300,000 customers who are part of NuCommunity.

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Nubank’s manager is not unprecedented in the segment, but it is still an important novelty for account holders at the bank. The function guarantees more practicality for everyday life, since users can access basic information of all accounts linked to Open Finance from a single app.

Nubank joined Open Finance in September 2022 and has already reached 3 million user consents for data sharing. Another interesting functionality related to the financial system is the notice that one of the accounts has entered the overdraft facility, making it possible to transfer amounts quickly to replenish the amount and reduce interest charges.

Integration with Open Finance

Obviously, to check information from other bank accounts from Nubank, the user needs to consent to the sharing of data from roxinho and other accounts in Open Finance. If you no longer want to take advantage of the tool, you can stop sharing information at any time.

NuCommunity Experimenters

NuCommunity is a dedicated Nubank forum where customers (or anyone) can exchange opinions and feedback about the bank and have access to first-hand information. It is not necessary to be a Nubank account holder to participate in the community.