Nothing Phone (2) arrives this year as top of the line and focus on software

Nothing Phone (2) arrives this year as top of the line and focus on software

Nothing made a notable bang with the launch of its first smartphone after months of expectations created with well-done marketing. With a unique back cover and mid-range specs, the Nothing Phone (1) is a competent mid-ranger, but it disappointed those who were hoping for more. And apparently its successor, Nothing Phone (2), may finally live up to expectations.

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In an interview with Inverse, the creator of Nothing, Carl Pei, confirmed that the Phone (2) will be launched later this year by the company, more specifically at the end of 2023. The Phone (1), it is worth remembering, was announced in mid-2021 .

One of the big announcements made during the interview is that marketing will pay greater attention to the United States, being the company’s priority from now on.

“We couldn’t do this before because we were only in our second year and our hands were tied building the team and developing the products,” says Pei, noting that “now that we’re on solid ground, we can take it one step further.”

When pressed about the Phone (2), Pei says that “we’re building a more premium smartphone than the Nothing Phone (1) and the operating system will be a big area of ​​focus for us.”

No further details about the device were revealed, but it is right to expect the return of the rear LEDs of the Glypth Interface, new software functions to highlight the smartphone among competitors and, of course, the use of a more powerful processor than the Snapdragon 778G phone. (1).

More news related to the Phone (2), its specs and more upcoming releases from Nothing should follow in the coming months, including official teasers and leaks anticipating what to expect from the future flagship.

Source: Inverse