No loud JBL: brand launches campaign against noise pollution

No loud JBL: brand launches campaign against noise pollution

Being one of the most present audio brands in Brazil and in the world, JBL started its newest campaign “Give it Play in Summer!” to reinforce the conscious use of its products and avoid unnecessary noise pollution, allowing everyone to enjoy the same environment without friction and enmity.

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In a press release, the manufacturer “reinforces its commitment to offering suitable products for each situation, always aiming at raising consumer awareness” and highlights that, to help consumers identify the ideal product and not generate noise disturbance, it launched the online campaign ” Give Play in the Summer!”

“Since day one, the brand has built its legacy on passion, energy and a love of pure sound and innovation,” said Luciano Sasso, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Consumer Audio South America at Harman.

The executive points out that “in this season where JBL is the protagonist of celebrations — vacations, beach, pool, parties, leisure and outdoor sports — a tip is to avoid noise pollution, especially when you share space with other people. Have fun without getting in the way the enjoyment of others is important.”

Noise pollution causes stress and irritability

The use of loudspeakers and loudspeakers at excessive volumes causes discomfort in people present in the same environment, even if the music is of personal taste.

Being the second most dominant form of pollution in industrialized society according to the World Health Organization, studies prove that noise pollution harms health and causes stress, irritability and anxiety, in addition to directly affecting the hearing of people around and making conversations difficult, since that people need to speak louder so that they can be heard — which in turn can also cause damage to the vocal cords.

With awareness, locals and tourists can enjoy the shared environment in comfort and without hassle or unnecessary discussions. If you’re going to take your speaker to the beach or pool, leave it at a comfortable volume so everyone can enjoy it.

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