Nintendo’s Tetris is completed for the first time in 34 years

Captura de tela/Blue Scuti via YouTube

After 34 years, the game Tetris of Nintendo (NES) was reset for the first time by a human, with young Willis “Blue Scuti” Gibson reaching the “death screen” at level 157. The “death screen” got its name because the NES is limited in question. of memory and when you reach an extremely high score, the game simply crashes.

Blue Scuti is a well-known professional football player Tetris, mainly because he is only 13 years old and is growing in tournaments even though he has only been competing for a short time. In video, the pro player starts the screen at maximum speed (19) and spends more than 30 minutes playing until achieving the unique feat of crashing the game.

This is the first time that a human has achieved this feat, previously achieved only through robots. To do this, Blue Scuti had to use very complicated techniques, such as Hypertapping and Rolling, applied to overcome the control input delay, which ends up being greater than the speed of the control parts. Tetris.

Hypertapping is basically pressing very quickly with low vibrations on the buttons to move the pieces. On the other hand, Rolling is a technique in which one finger presses the button, while the other hand flicks behind the control for the minimum spacing to send the input much faster.

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Prodigy in the competitive Tetris scene

Blue Scuti was born in 2010, he is 21 years younger than Tetris (1989) and is booming in the classic Tetris competitive scene ā€“ as there are competitions in the modern Tetris mode as well. In 2023, Blue Scuti qualified for the Classic Tetris League Season 23 and is in the semi-finals, being the youngest player among the finalists.

Additionally, Blue Scuti won the Classic Tetris Monthly (CTM) December 2023, a monthly tournament in which the current Classic Tetris World Championship 2023 champion, Justin “Fractal” Yu, was participating. Even with such a recent career, as he began competing at the end of 2022, Willis “Blue Scuti” Gibson has already managed to forever mark his name in the history of Tetris.