Nintendo Switch 2 arrives in September 2024, rumor suggests

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The original developer of GameShark announced this Thursday (11) that it will launch its new software, AI Shark. During the announcement, the company stated that the software would arrive in September alongside the Nintendo Switch 2 and, supposedly, confirming the release date of Nintendo’s new console.

Unlike GameShark, a cheat engine that literally altered the game code to release items, infinite life, among other features, AI Shark is a tool to help the learning curve of beginner players. According to a company spokesperson, the software will use the XGPT Artificial Intelligence engine to provide real-time tips when players are stuck or having great difficulty understanding the mechanics of games, including competitive ones.

What we already know about the Switch 2

Nintendo is very strict regarding the secrecy of its products, and generally controls information very well, especially important announcements such as a new console. Therefore, most of the information available regarding the launch of the Switch 2, remembering that this is not even the official name of the console, is based on speculation from parallel announcements.

In October 2023, a job opening for Nintendo’s Retail Marketing and Strategy department included in the descriptions “intense activities between June and August (2024), with in-depth mentoring, networking opportunities and direct contact with executives from different areas Nintendo and the industry.”

The Nintendo Switch is approaching the end of its life and there are no new titles in development sufficiently relevant for it. Therefore, it is speculated that the vacancy would be linked to the new console’s marketing campaign, generally intensified in the months leading up to launch.

Furthermore, during Gamescom 2023, a project very close to the end would have been presented behind closed doors, and during the presentation representatives from Nintendo would have suggested big plans for March 2024. However, a launch in the first quarter would imply, precisely, start a publicity campaign in 2023, possibly taking advantage of the visibility of The Game Awards.

It is known that Nintendo has enough strength not to depend on third-party events to promote its products, especially after it started producing Nintendo Directs, controlling when and how to promote its products. However, the company is increasingly closer to Western markets, and partnerships of this type tend to be well received among executives, and mainly, by consumers.

Another important point is that Big N also has a history of suing lawyers for much less than information leaks, so it is very unlikely that AI Shark actually has any official information. At best, your executives are also working with educated guesses based on this same information.

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