Nintendo may hold new edition of online event this week

Felipe Goldenboy/Canaltech

Nintendo would be preparing a new edition of Direct, its traditional online broadcast with news for the Switch. The program would take place later this week, more precisely next Thursday (15), when Microsoft announces a new strategy for the Xbox brand. For fans, in fact, the two things may be connected.

The rumors come from different sources, but they agree on the dates. February 15th was recorded by Insider Guaraná, from the Resetera games forum, and obtained from a contact who would work on the “Big N” games localization team into Brazilian Portuguese; it was later corroborated by the national website Universo Nintendo, which said it had heard sources linked to the plans.

The idea that February is usually the window for Nintendo Direct editions helps to give strength to the rumors. Traditionally, the Japanese company carries out start-of-year broadcasts focused on the launch portfolio for the first half of the year. She has not yet announced 2024, and with the month almost half over, fans are speculating that announcements could be close.

Nintendo and Microsoft together?

Holding Switch and Xbox events on the same date would also not be a coincidence. After months of rumors and speculation, Microsoft is expected to announce a business update for its gaming brand this week, with signs pointing to the end of exclusivity for major titles such as Starfield and the coming Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

Commanding around the edges, there are also rumors that games that are already part of the portfolio, such as Hi-Fi Rush e Gears of War, they would also be leaving the limits of Xbox and PC. In addition to the PlayStation, of course, the Switch would also receive such games, with the sum of 2 and 2 making many people hope that, hours after Microsoft, Nintendo could also reveal the arrival of such titles to the console.

There are those who go further, echoing old rumors that the Xbox Game Pass service itself was about to arrive on the Switch, albeit with a list of titles different from that found on the Microsoft console and PC. In any case, it’s not long before we know the truth, or part of it, at least.

Microsoft has already confirmed the release of news for February 15th, in a new edition of the Xbox podcast. If Nintendo is also planning something for the date, it won’t be long before it goes public with the date and time of the broadcast.

Source: Resetera, Nintendo Universe