Next generation Xbox will have Zen 5 GPU and launch in 2026, says rumor

ReproduĆ§Ć£o/Rohit Choudhari via Unsplash

A new rumor about the next generation of Xbox is circulating in the community, revealing that the console will use an AMD Zen 5 GPU with RDNA 5 technology, in addition to the scheduled launch in 2026.

According to RedGamingTech, its sources revealed that the console is scheduled for 2026 with a Zen 5 CPU instead of the AMD Zen 6 that many fans were expecting. Having less powerful hardware is also intentional to have a lower cost than its competitor, PlayStation 6, and have the same purpose as the Xbox 360, which was cheaper, more accessible and, consequently, more popular.

The release date is a little uncertain for 2026, but rumors highlight that it will happen before the next generation of PlayStation. No information was released about other models of the console, including the possibility of a “Pro” version equipped with a more powerful CPU. Rumors also highlight that this version will be focused on cloud gaming, using Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming, so it won’t need such powerful hardware.

Even with all these speculations, we are still far from the supposed launch of the next Xbox and it is also too early for any official information from Microsoft. So it remains to monitor new information and, who knows, a likely announcement in 2024.

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