New Consul Frost Free 386L Refrigerator: beautiful on the outside and giant on the inside

New Consul Frost Free 386L Refrigerator: beautiful on the outside and giant on the inside

Consul has just expanded its line of frost free refrigerators with the new Consul Frost Free Duplex Refrigerator 386 liters with Height Flex, a model that arrives to bring a modern design that matches your kitchen. Available in two colors, the novelty has an exclusive built-in handle in black, beautiful, ergonomic and practical to clean, in addition to enormous space to safely store your food, accompanied by its own resources to guarantee greater flexibility in the internal area.

Beautiful on the outside, giant on the inside

Made to match your kitchen, Consul’s new frost free comes in white and stainless steel, accompanied by an exclusive built-in black handle. The fitting is ergonomic and easy to clean, making the refrigerator even more beautiful and functional. It’s not just the look that the launch stands out – the huge internal space of 386 liters is another strong point.

Consul has implemented features to ensure that all your food is safely stored without having to juggle, starting with the very large freezer equipped with hanging ice trays.

In the refrigerator, there are specific sections for various types of food, such as the cold space, for fresh food that needs more care and refrigeration, and the transparent fruit and vegetable drawer, which provides organization and visualization in a practical way.

In addition, providing greater flexibility, the Consul Frost Free Duplex 386 liters Refrigerator with Height Flex is shipped with the exclusive Height Flex shelves, which bring height adjustments for easy movement. Using just one hand, it can be rearranged into 4 different levels to hold even the largest items, such as vases and large fruits.

Other than that, the novelty features shelves on the door with ideal height and depth for cans, bottle holder to avoid accidents, area to organize eggs and exclusive space for smaller items.

Turbo function and economical lighting

The launch also features an internal temperature control with turbo function, which can freeze food and drinks faster even when the refrigerator is full.

Consul’s new frost free is also more economical and sustainable, with internal LED lamp lighting, which consumes much less energy. In addition, the appliance has a high level of efficiency proven by the Procel program, having obtained the Class A seal, which guarantees that the appliance uses energy in a rational and efficient way, consuming only 55.8 kWh per month.