Netflix releases in the week (01/27/2023)

Netflix releases in the week (01/27/2023)

Netflix says goodbye to January with some interesting news in its catalogue. Although they are not highly anticipated debuts, the news that have just arrived on streaming impresses with the power of their stories or the simple engagement potential they offer. After all, in the face of this seemingly endless month, what everyone wants is to rest watching a good movie or series.

  • Netflix releases in January 2023
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And the highlight of the list of releases of the week on Netflix is ​​precisely the national miniseries Todo Dia a Mesma Noite, which recounts the events surrounding the tragedy of the Nightclub Kiss, in 2013, when 242 young people died during a fire in a nightclub in the city. from Santa Maria (RS).

The production revives this story by dramatizing the facts in a very forceful and emotional way, so that it is impossible not to cry in the face of the pain of the family members and the struggle for justice. One of the great highlights of Netflix in January for sure.

But if you want something a little lighter, streaming also features the premiere of Certain People, a new film starring Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy. The comedy is based on a fairly well-worn premise, in which a boy goes to meet his girlfriend’s family. But the highlight is the way in which the script takes the racial issue within this relationship, avoiding some clichés and taking up important themes in an intelligent way.

Finally, we also have the premiere of the eighth and final season of The Flash. The Fastest Man in the World series was one of the biggest hits on TV in recent years and now the sprinter says goodbye to the screens in a final journey against his greatest villains.

And it is clear that the releases of the week on Netflix are not limited to these productions and there are many other films and series newly added to the catalog just waiting for your play. After all, this marathon will not start alone.

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All Netflix releases for the week


  • Alchemy of Souls – New Episodes, Season 2
  • Hostage of the Truth
  • Loudon Wainwright III: Surviving Twin


  • Flash – Season 8
  • The gang


  • narvik
  • The Tram – New Episodes, Season 1


  • The Battle of the 100 – New Episodes, Season 1
  • Vinland Saga – New Episode, Season 2
  • Heritage
  • With the name in sight


  • Every Day the Same Night: The Kiss Nightclub Fire
  • Derren Brown: The Push


  • Love: Truth or Dare – Poland – New episodes, Season 1
  • The Price of the Family
  • Record of Ragnarok – Season 2
  • Daniel: The Magic Hunter – Season 2


  • Certain people
  • The Girl on the Tape – Season 1
  • Lockwood & Co. – Season 1
  • Kings of Johannesburg – Season 2
  • In the Fight – Season 1