Netflix releases first official images of One Piece

Netflix releases first official images of One Piece

Netflix has brought the first official image of One Piece, the series that will adapt the classic manga and anime in live-action. The art released this Monday morning (30) shows the five characters already properly characterized – but not in the way fans expected to see.

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Although the entire Straw Hat Crew appears in the photo in front of the Going Merry, the image is much more silhouetted than a detailed view of each one of them. So much so that they all appear from the back and with little detail on display.

Still, it is possible to see how careful the series is in relation to the visuals. Both the quintet appear with clothes identical to those of the anime in a level that makes many cosplayers envious. Not that Luffy’s (Iñaki Godoy) outfit is hard to replicate, with his red tank top and iconic straw hat.

However, the characterization of the other characters is noteworthy, especially the posture of Nami (Emily Rudd) and the pirate hunter Zoro (Mackenyu), who draws attention for their swords. You can’t tell, however, if the swordsman will have green hair like in the anime. The photo also reveals that Sanji (Taz Skylar) will be much larger in the series than fans are used to seeing in other media, where the cook is much thinner.

A second image was also released by Netflix that highlights Luffy and points out that One Piece arrives on streaming in 2023. It is a photo with a very similar composition to the previous montage, but focused only on the captain and with a pose which is quite emblematic in the anime, with the hero only raising his right arm.

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And it is curious, because this gesture is something that refers to the so-called Alabasta Saga, a phase in the anime in which the Straw Hat Band forms an alliance with the princess of a kingdom. However, this arc will not be part of the first season of the series, which should only encompass the East Blue saga and the formation of this crew until their arrival on the Grand Route. Is it just a reference or an indication that Netflix intends to tinker with something else?

Anyway, the first image of One Piece is a way to calm the spirits of fans who were still apprehensive about the adaptation and its lack of novelty. So far, everything seems to be pretty faithful to the manga and anime — which, frankly, isn’t saying much after the failure of Cowboy Bebop.

One Piece arrives on Netflix in 2023, but still without a set date.