Mysterious Galaxy K74 line wins approval with Bluetooth 5.3

Mysterious Galaxy K74 line wins approval with Bluetooth 5.3

Samsung may debut a new line of cell phones in the near future. Recent certifications show the existence of a Galaxy K74, with models SM-K741, K746 and K748.

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The devices appeared on the Indian regulatory body BIS. It is not known exactly what the differences between them are, but considering the brand’s standard, it is possible that they are all versions of the same Galaxy K74 in different price ranges – such as a base model, a Plus and an Ultra, for example. The three were identified by the codes SM-K741B/DS, SM-K746B/DS and SM-K748B/DS, which also indicates dual-SIM support.

In India, certifications do not reveal any technical details of smartphones. However, the K748 was also found in the Bluetooth SIG, which confirmed its support for Bluetooth 5.3, reinforcing that it is a cell phone with the latest and premium technologies.

In this case, the smartphone appeared with the code SM-K748U, where the “U” at the end of the sequence indicates that it may be a variant aimed at the United States. However, the differences of this version are also not known.

Galaxy K line rescues old name

Currently, Samsung does not have any device for sale with the Galaxy K nomenclature, so there is no way to speculate about what the devices will look like.

Even so, the name is nothing new for the Korean brand. In 2014, the Galaxy K Zoom arrived with a bold proposal: combining the construction of a smartphone with elements of compact cameras.

For this, it had a 20.7 MP sensor and 1/2.3 inch. An objective lens was able to obtain magnification from 24 to 240 mm, through components that extend out of the rear panel – something recently rescued by Tecno with the Phantom X2 Pro.

Other specs still included a hexa-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. Its AMOLED screen had 4.8 inches and HD resolution, while the battery was 2,430 mAh.

It is quite likely that the similarities between the devices are limited to the name, as the presence of Bluetooth 5.3 points to the launch of a much more modern smartphone. In any case, the official specifications of the new devices remain unknown – something that may change with future appearances in more certifications.

Source: MySmartPrice