Mods de RTX mudam visual de Tomb Raider e NFS Underground II


The modder community is taking advantage of the open beta period for RTX Remix, a tool that allows easy customization of old games. After remasters of Half-Life e Max Paynethe YouTube channel Cycu1 compared the differences that technology makes in classics like the Tomb Raider 1996 and the famous Need for Speed Underground II.

Starting with the adventures of Lara Croft, the adventure game released 27 years ago shows very interesting developments by having lighting via Ray Tracing enabled. The mod manages to improve aspects of depth and shading, even making the protagonist’s silhouette appear softer and less boxy. Certainly, the light reflections in the cave give more life to the title and help to differentiate more of the scenery.

On the other hand, EA’s iconic racing game released in 2004 didn’t do so well. The application of RTX Remix makes most of the textures rubbery and without depth, worsening the general appearance of a game that was already very beautiful at the time of its release. However, Ray Tracing improves the reflections of puddles of water on the asphalt, generating a quite impressive effect.

RTX Remix doesn’t work miracles

Although RTX Remix is ​​a very interesting tool for modders to improve old games, the images show that the technology does not work miracles. Despite the implementation in Tomb Raider If you are competent in lighting, the textures look very pixelated, possibly due to some change in resolution. Already Need For Speed it loses contrast and sharpness, improving only specific reflections on the tracks.

This isn’t exactly a surprise. RTX Remix operates on the NVIDIA Omniverse platform and uses artificial intelligence to transform assets into a universal format. Thus, users can change textures, lighting, expressions and other details in games based on the DirectX 8 and 9 APIs.

RTX mods for Tomb Raider e Need for Speed Underground II can be downloaded for free on Github.