Moderna’s vaccine against covid-19 may finally arrive in Brazil

Moderna's vaccine against covid-19 may finally arrive in Brazil

The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) is starting to analyze the request for authorization to use the Moderna vaccine against covid-19. In Brazil, the vaccine that protects against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is represented by the company Zodiac Produtos Farmacêuticos.

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According to Anvisa, the request for the use of the Moderna vaccine was filed last week and, since then, the agency has been reviewing the data sent on the safety and effectiveness of the formula against covid-19. A positive point that can accelerate the whole issue is the fact that the formula is already used in different countries and continents, such as the United States and Europe. In the case of the USA, the immunizer can be applied to children from 6 months to the elderly.

If approved by Anvisa, Moderna’s vaccine will be marketed throughout the country and, eventually, may be purchased by the Ministry of Health, which will allow its distribution through the Unified Health System (SUS).

With Moderna, another mRNA vaccine can land in Brazil

It is worth remembering that, so far, Pfizer’s vaccine is the only one in Brazil to use mRNA (messenger RNA) technology to promote immunization against covid-19. In addition, the immunizer is also the only one to be bivalent, that is, it protects against two strains of the coronavirus – the original version and strains descended from Ômicron.

With the eventual approval of the new request by Anvisa, the scenario will be different. That’s because Moderna’s vaccines use mRNA technology and, for some markets, the pharmaceutical company already produces doses of bivalent immunizers. So far, possible negotiations between the Ministry of Health and the company for the purchase of the formula have not been disclosed.

Previously, Moderna announced a few times that it would seek to request authorization for the use of its formula in Brazil, but it never materialized, as it did now. The last time he disclosed the possibility was in the first half of last year. In the US, both Moderna and Pfizer have been used since 2021.

Source: Anvisa