Minecraft Legends | Game gets release date and PvP mode news

Minecraft Legends |  Game gets release date and PvP mode news

Minecraft Legends, a new game in the block-building franchise, already has a release date: the game arrives on April 18, 2023 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. developer Mojang Studios brought news about a new multiplayer PvP mode.

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The news was announced during the Xbox Developers_Direct. At the start of the presentation, Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive went into detail about the story-driven campaign and introduced the new online experience.

PvP mode with up to eight players

The online game mode was the big news brought by the developers. With support for cross-platform play, two teams of up to four players each need to duel and destroy the opponent’s tower in Minecraft Legends maps.

All players share army and resources with the rest of the team – therefore, it is very important that everyone acts collectively and communicates about strategy during the match. Before the start, it is worth deciding who will collect items, build defense towers and attack opponents.

The world is procedurally generated, which makes each session different with new locations, treasures and scattered items. It is possible to use the mobs to move around and attack the opposing bases.

During matches, players need to build towers, walls and walls to protect the base. From that moment on, it’s worth using your creativity to create mazes, place traps and add improvements. Also, both teams have to fight the piglins, controlled by the machine.

Minecraft Legends will arrive on all available consoles on April 18, 2023, launching simultaneously on Xbox Game Pass.