MigSwitch | New flashcard for Switch cannot be stopped by Nintendo

Reprodução/After Time X

The gaming community was very excited this week after information about a new flashcard for Nintendo Switch that allows you to add and play ROMs on the console. Called Mig Switch, the flashcard developer reported that the technology is advanced enough that Nintendo cannot block it via firmware — unlike what happened on the Nintendo Wii and DS/3DS.

The @AfterTimeX profile on X (formerly Twitter) managed to talk to the technology developers and obtained important information about Mis Switch, data from testers and also limitations. Despite this, the new flashcard is now ready to be used and could cause serious problems for Nintendo.

The main information is that the Mig Switch poses no risk to the console, because the Nintendo Switch firmware cannot identify the flashcard, the different game file and the design, which “is fully and conveniently updatable”. Additionally, testers were able to play online to check for problems, but only with games with a certificate/UID that had never been used before – mirroring a new cartridge. So, the next tests will be to check if there will be problems if many players use the same UID. So far, however, the tests are proceeding well.

Nintendo and the fight against piracy

Nintendo is known for being strictly strict even against games created by fans, and against piracy this fight is even greater. The fight against piracy intensified during the portable era, especially on the Nintendo DS and 3DS, which had R4 flashcards and other forms of unlocking so that players could play various pirated games for free.

However, the difference is that R4 and other internal unlocks were easily detectable through firmware, where Nintendo would send updates and “brick” the console, making it unable to play. reproduce even original cartridges.

Over the years, many Nintendo updates helped combat pirated games in the Nintendo DS/3DS era, but the console was discontinued. With the Nintendo Switch as the company’s main console, they are certainly looking for ways to avoid pirated games as much as possible, as they have done in the past.

It is worth remembering that the use of ROMs is complex in terms of legislation, as each country has different rules. In Brazil, the use of an emulator is not illegal, as it can be used to reproduce original copies and backups that the user legally owns. ROMs are illegal, as they constitute a breach of software copyright (Law nº 9609/1998).

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