Microsoft Teams Meeting | All controls for PC and mobile

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During a Microsoft Teams meeting, each participant has access to a control panel with various actions on the call. In addition to traditional commands, such as turning the camera off and on, the software also allows you to react to comments, create parallel rooms and even use third-party apps.

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The interface is similar on the desktop and mobile Teams apps, but the desktop version has more functions. Check below the list of all commands and shortcuts available for meetings on the platform.

Microsoft Teams Meeting Controls on Mobile

The Microsoft Teams meeting dashboard on mobile is divided into two parts. At the top, you can manage the chat and list of participants; at the bottom, the commands referring to the user are listed.

Each Teams icon has these meanings:

Command Action
balloon icon Shows the meeting chat, while the video is displayed in a dropdown bubble
people icon Shows the complete list of participants, with the video displayed in a drop-down window. You can also mute or remove people
camera icon Enables and disables your video in call
microphone icon Mute and unmute your call audio
three dots icon Opens additional features
phone icon Get off the call
After pressing the three dots icon Allows you to react, share screen, change views and put profile on hold

Microsoft Teams Meeting Controls on PC

On the desktop version, the Teams dashboard is displayed at the top of the screen during the meeting.

You can perform the following actions:

Command Action
chat Shows the meeting conversation in a side tab
People Shows the list of participants on the side of the screen, with options to manage them
Rise Raise your hand to speak at the meeting
To react Opens the list of reactions
Exhibition Change the people list view
More Opens list of additional features
Camera Enable or disable video in the meeting
Microphone Turn on and off audio in the meeting
Share Open screen sharing options
Apps (when available) Displays the list of applications that can be integrated during the meeting
Rooms (when available) Creates a breakout room, which can store side conversations during the meeting

Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Teams meeting on PC

Microsoft Teams also makes it possible to streamline commands with keyboard shortcuts. See some:

  • Accept video call: Ctrl + Shift + A;
  • Accept call with audio: Ctrl + Shift + S;
  • Decline call: Ctrl + Shift + D;
  • Start video call: Ctrl + Shift + U;
  • Start call with audio: Ctrl + Shift + C;
  • Open meeting chat: Ctrl + Shift + R;
  • Raise or lower your hand: Ctrl + Shfit + K;
  • Enable or disable microphone: Ctrl + Shift + M;
  • Enable or disable video: Ctrl + Shift + O;
  • Share the screen: Ctrl + Shift + E;
  • Enable or disable background blur: Ctrl + Shift + P.

These commands are present in the Windows version of Teams. On Mac, type Command + . to see the list.