Microsoft plans two Xboxes for 2026, with a Switch-style portable


After the controversies involving its restructuring in the gaming sector and the supposed end of physical media, Xbox would still have changed its console launch map. Apparently, the refreshes for the Series X and S, scheduled for 2024, were shelved, giving way to two new models in 2026, a replacement for the Series

The information is not official, but different industry sources have informed user @Middleagegamegy that the new strategy is part of Microsoft’s plan to reach new markets. Naturally, the acquisition of Activision/Blizzard counts in the equation, as it places the company in the top 3 largest publishers with a supposed multiplatform strategy, and in terms of hardware, it makes a lot of sense to enter the portable console segment.

Play wherever and however you want

It is important to remember that Microsoft has already been changing its stance in the games market since the sales failure of the Xbox One, investing in services such as Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud. On several occasions, Phill Spencer himself described the investment in services as an initiative to bring Xbox games to the maximum number of players, without the requirement for specific hardware.

So much so that the launch of the cloud gaming service, xCloud, was followed by a partnership with Samsung, which offers the software embedded in some of its Smart TVs. With the recent internal restructuring movements, there was speculation about Microsoft following in SEGA’s footsteps and leaving the hardware segment, starting to act only as a developer, publisher and with Game Pass and xCloud services.

However, if rumors about new consoles for 2026 are confirmed, the new strategy would make a lot of sense for the “play wherever and however you want” approach, especially considering the new market niche of high-performance portable consoles.

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