Microsoft launches application to “delete” files on Windows 10

Microsoft launches application to “delete” files on Windows 10

Microsoft has finally launched its own solution for recovering deleted files for Windows 10. Not that this is a novelty since countless similar applications from other companies do just that, but at least now we have software officially certified by the owner of the operating system.

Tacitly called "Windows File Recovery", the tool does exactly what it promises: if you have deleted a file or wiped an entire disk, or even changed your mind and want to recover material that was in what you deleted, this software does “des-delete”, that is, it brings back the deleted material. Furthermore, the new feature also features specific modes of action, with one being specifically targeted to the internal disk of the personal computer (be it HD or SSD), and another dedicated to external disks or pendrives.

New Microsoft tool promises to recover accidentally deleted files (Image Capture: Rafael Arbulu / FreeGameGuide)

Windows File Recovery works through the command line, so don't rely on a graphical interface to guide you since the software is exclusively text based. Still, its use seems to be relatively simple, so you don't need a Ph.D in information systems to handle it properly.

However, it is worth mentioning some details: the first is that you must be using the latest version of Windows 10 (with the May 2020 update installed). Previous versions will not run the app. The second caveat is that the sooner you download and run the software, the better: even permanently deleted files remain in the volume distribution of your internal disk, but they can be overwritten by the most recent use of the computer. In other words: there is no “save for later” here, since the stored copy that Windows File Recovery will try to recover may not be there when you need it.

Windows File Recovery is now available for download from the official Microsoft store.