Michael Jackson’s nephew is set to play the star in biopic

Michael Jackson's life to be made into a movie by Training Day director

Michael Jackson’s nephew Jaafar Jackson was tapped to play the uncle in Antoine Fuqua’s biopic Michael. The 26-year-old is already rehearsing for the film, which will explore the artist’s journey of success and controversy.

  • Michael Jackson’s life to be made into a movie by Training Day director
  • After all, did Michael Jackson work on the score for Sonic 3?

Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson’s mother, says she is thrilled to see Jaafar playing her son, carrying on the legacy of the pop star who died in 2009. Michael’s personality.

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King says that the search was worldwide, but that the actor’s performance was so intense that no other person could have been chosen: “I am very thrilled that he has embarked to play the uncle and I can’t wait for the world to see him in the cinema like Michael Jackson”.

Antoine Fuqua also says that he felt a spiritual connection as soon as he met Jaafar and that his ability to imitate Michael Jackson is natural, as is his chemistry with the camera.

The film Michael does not yet have a confirmed release date.