Metal Gear Solid Delta and the fashion for beautiful trailers about nothing


Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, remake de Metal Gear Solid 3, there was a new trailer released, this time focusing on the first presentation within the graphics engine used in the new production. Although very impressive, the trailer also makes clear a problem in the gaming industry as a whole.

The new scenes, released during the Xbox showcase, show that Mega Gear Solid Delta leaves behind Fox Engine, a graphics engine created by Kojima Productions and which had been used by Konami in Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, Metal Gear Survivee P.T. and eight Pro Evolution Soccer. The remake will use Unreal Engine 5, presenting new graphical possibilities for the game.

Everything is very beautiful, but at the same time, the trailer gives an impression of the creative void that is increasingly plaguing the games industry.

It’s beautiful, but lifeless

Of course, it may seem silly to criticize the game with a trailer lasting just over a minute of its pre-alpha version, but the focus on graphics created with Unreal Engine 5 brings a feeling that is quite strange and that is becoming increasingly more common: games that look like a big tech demo for the engine.

We know that Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is excellent and it’s not absurd when we see Hideo Kojima’s game on lists of the best games ever made in history, so the remake must have much more than just beautiful graphics. However, even with its technical limitations at the time of its development, many of the choices for how the game looked were Kojima’s artistic decisions.

The game had a different atmosphere, an aura of its own, regardless of the engine used at the time. With a trailer focused solely on announcing the use of Unreal Engine 5, showing “several nothings”, with little frogs swimming, mud falling off Naked Snake’s clothes, and scenes that look dirty but still too clean, the trailer is pretty but looks without life. More than that: it empties everything that made the MGS3 unique original.

Again, this does not mean that MGS Delta It won’t reproduce or recreate part of this experience (or all of it, if we’re lucky), but the simple fact that the first trailers for one of the biggest games ever made are dedicated to this enormous creative void is poor, to say the least. worrisome. It is a somewhat alarming sign of how much the project seems to be looking at the wrong side of the work.

Realistic Mario in Unreal

Which brings us to the real problem, but this one for the industry as a whole. Increasingly, AAA games focus more on graphics than the artistic presentation of a game. For example, there are games like Immortals of Aveumwhich even uses Unreal Engine 5, which in all possible presentations only had its graphics as the main attraction.

The game was released in mid-2023, and before we reach the end of the year, no one remembers it anymore. Another very similar example is The prophesied, a game launched by Square Enix with a promise of impressive photorealism and hammering this quality for months before release, but as shallow as a saucer. Result: there is only talk about something else out there.

There is a race to find out who can make the game with more realistic graphics, with better use of Ray Tracing, which demands more power from the console or computer, while few titles use this to their advantage to improve the experience and artistic choices, as is the case of Cyberpunk 2077others end up looking extremely generic.

Seeing this trailer Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eaterit is possible to recognize a Metal Gear there, but it has as much personality as the thousands of “Mario with realistic graphics” or “What would it be like? The Legend of Zelda na Unreal Engine”.

The remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 There is still no confirmed release date, so there is a possibility that all this will turn against us and the game will be as good as the original since, as we mentioned, this trailer is only a minute long and is from a pre-release version. -alpha of it. However, focusing on nothing as if it were something great doesn’t give us much confidence.

Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater will be released for Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 5 and PC.