MEI can now issue electronic invoice (NFS-e) in the national standard

MEI can now issue electronic invoice (NFS-e) in the national standard

This Wednesday (18), the first Electronic Service Invoice (NFS-e) of national standard was issued by an Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) in a symbolic event. After years of development led by the Federal Revenue Service, now any MEI service provider in Brazil can now issue their NFS-e in the national standard, regardless of whether their municipality has an agreement or not.

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The person responsible for the emblematic issue was an Individual Microentrepreneur from Brasília/DF, who edits periodicals. The moment is historic for the country, but mainly for the more than 13 million service providers who will benefit from the tax simplification and standardization of the new platform developed by the Federal Data Processing Service (Serpro) for the Federal Revenue Service.

“This new version of the national NFS-e platform simplifies the provision of information and ancillary obligations to professionals who previously had enormous difficulty in doing so”, points out Ariadne Lopes Fonseca, Serpro’s customer relationship superintendent. “The tax and fiscal organization of this public also improves the business environment, increases digital inclusion and reduces the Brazil cost”, she adds.

Is issuing NFS-e mandatory?

According to the Resolution of the Simples Nacional Management Committee (CGSN) nº 169/2022, all MEIs in the country that provide services to legal entities (CNPJ) must issue their NFS-e in the national standard from April 3, mandatory. The direct issuance from the provider to the final consumer (CPF) is now available, but will remain optional.

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