Max Payne RTX Remix drops FPS from 1400 to 65 on RTX 4080


After RTX Remix became available to everyone in recent weeks, the modder community wasted no time and decided to promote a remaster of Max Payne with many visual changes. The project included Path Tracing realistic lighting technology, but performance drops from 1,400 FPS to 65 FPS when activating RTX.

Anyone who plays on PC knows how heavy Ray Tracing technology is. In May Payne RTX Remix, made by fans and still in the development stage, things get surreal. In a comparative video made by YouTuber MxBenchmarkPC, the game goes from 1,387 FPS in a subway scene to an incredible 65 FPS just by activating ray tracing.

The test was conducted on a GeForce RTX 4080 and an Intel Core i7-10700F processor, plus 16 GB of RAM. Although this 10th generation i7 may be an impediment to achieving better performance, the glaring reduction in frame rate has a first and last name: path tracing. The technology enables all points of light in the global illumination of a scene, resulting in this absurd drop in performance.

Max Payne RTX Remix needs optimization

Certainly, a little common sense is needed in these situations. The remaster project is fan-made and has not yet gone through the proper optimization stages. Furthermore, this is one of those works in progress, as it has not been officially released by the developers. It is also necessary to consider that Path Tracing technology is embryonic even for large companies, considering that the first game to popularize and implement this correctly is the recent Alan Wake 2.

RTX Remix is ​​a proprietary NVIDIA technology that runs on the Omniverse ecosystem. The feature makes it possible to create mods in DirectX 8 and 9 games, such as Max Payneand gives freedom to developers to improve texture assets, lighting, more fidelity in models, etc.

Max Payne RTX Remix can be downloaded and tested only at the Roscoe Street Station station stage. It is worth remembering that Remedy Entertainment, the original developer of the franchise, is working on two remakes of Max Payne already officially confirmed.