Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 | Understand the post-credit scenes of the new Sony game

Reprodução/Insomniac Games

Attention! This text contains spoilers for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

As with the first game, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 brings a very interesting direction to its sequel through post-credits scenes of its campaign. If the first game gave Miles the cue to become Spider-Man and the introduction of Venom, the teasers for Spider-Man 3 will leave fans very excited — especially those who follow the most recent Amigão da Neighborhood comics.

Over the course of approximately 30 hours to complete the main campaign, some information is left for fans to join the dots and, even so, be surprised by the post-credits scenes, either by introducing new characters or by giving a hint as to who should be the villain and what his motivations are for threatening the heroes and all of New York.

Want to know exactly what each of them means? So keep an eye out, but it’s important to remember: there are spoilers for the end of the game from now on.

First post-credits scene

Not end of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Harry Osborn, after having transformed into Venom, has the symbiote eliminated with Peter’s Antivenom power, but dies in front of Peter and Mary Jane. Miraculously, he ends up being resurrected with a shock from Miles, but is left in a coma.

Norman doesn’t take well to the news that his son may never wake up again, placing all the blame for what happened on Spider-Man. He devises a new medicine to cure his son, just called “Serum G”, while plotting his revenge, which brings us to the first post-credits scene.

At the Raft, the prison where Spider-Man’s greatest villains are held, Norman Osborn pays a visit to his old acquaintance Otto Octavius. There, he questions the fact that the scientist knows Spider-Man’s identity, as he “ruined his son”.

Otto comments that everyone has to go through losses, even Norman. Otto, who was taking notes in a notebook, is asked what he was writing. His answer is simple: “The final chapter.”

This scene clearly shows that Norman Osborn and Otto Octavius ​​will team up to try to get revenge on Spider-Man. Considering the mention of a G serum, it is clear that we should see Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus fighting Spider-Man in the third part of the story. Now, which Spider-Man is the biggest question.

Second post-credits scene

The second scene is much lighter, revolving around Miles Morales. During the campaign, Miles learns that his mother has started seeing someone, something he encourages a lot.

The post-credits scene shows the moment he meets this person, who is going to visit the Morales house. Many won’t realize it right away, but Rio Morales only presents her boyfriend as Albert, who brought with him his daughter, young Cindy, who is not shown completely

This doesn’t seem like anything at all, until the revelation of the daughter’s name. Albert would actually be Albert Moon, while his daughter, Cindy Moon, is known in the comics as Silk, a young woman who was bitten by the same spider that bit Peter Parker, also gaining powers equal to those of Spider-Man.

The fact that Cindy in the game is Miles’ age should bring several changes to the character’s origin, but her being introduced into the story in this way could be an indication that another heroine with arachnid powers should appear in the next game.

please note that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ends with Peter leaving the heroic life aside and leaving New York in the care of Miles. In this way, it would make sense for Silk to enter the story to be this second heroine to help the new protagonist and maintain this idea of ​​two characters patrolling the city — something that Insomniac Games did so well here.

Will everything be as we expect? The best option is to wait, but for now, we can enjoy it in peace Marvel’s Spider-Man 2now available for PS5