Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 | Game has sad Easter egg for Daredevil

Imagem: Reprodução/Nexus Mods

Just like the previous game, the new Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features several Easter eggs from other superheroes. As New York is home to most of Marvel’s characters, it is possible to visit important locations for other masked characters from the publisher — such as Daredevil. The difference is that, in the case of the Man Without Fear, the sequence did not bring him good news.

There is a small Easter egg involving the blind hero for anyone looking for the office in Hell’s Kitchen. In the PS4 game, it was possible to find a lawyer’s sign on a building in the neighborhood and, although the location is still present in the new game, there is a notice at the location indicating that Nelson & Murdock Attorneys at Law ended up being evicted from the location.

The warning is very subtle and can only be noticed by those who activate photo mode to read the warning. You can see that the sign with the law firm’s name is now off and, on the poster posted on the door, there is a text stating that the NY Department of Architectural Preservation has condemned the building.

It’s a very subtle joke that, in practice, doesn’t interfere at all in the story of the two Spider-Mans, but it shows how much this universe continued to live from one game to the next. Furthermore, it is a play on Daredevil’s own stories in the comics, in which he is forced to close his office in Hell’s Kitchen quite frequently because of his actions as a masked vigilante.

This isn’t the only Easter egg related to other Marvel heroes present in Spider-Man 2. As the new PlayStation 5 game reuses the entire scenario from the previous game, locations such as the Avengers Tower and the Sanctum Sanctorum return and can be revisited — with some gaining a slightly greater importance for the plot. Furthermore, the addition of new neighborhoods also adds other important locations, such as the Baxter Building, home of the Fantastic Four.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 arrives on PS5 on October 20th.