Lu, from Magalu, and Intel celebrate partnership with R$1,000 coupons

Intel / Divulgação

Intel entered into an unprecedented and exclusive partnership with Lu, from Magalu, to create content aimed at geeks and gamers. To celebrate the news, virtual influencer and Magazine Luiza’s poster girl distributed coupons for R$1,000 off when purchasing selected products on her X (formerly Twitter) profile.

Lu was one of the first virtual influencers in the world and the first to be on the cover of a magazine in Brazil. His entry into the Intel partnerships team is another of these first milestones that both Intel and Magazine Luiza are proud to present.

“Lu has many ‘firsts’ in her career. She was one of the first virtual influencers in the world and the first to be on the cover of a magazine in Brazil, for example. This partnership with Intel is another one of those firsts that fills us with pride. For years, Lu has been making specific partnerships with several brands, but this is the first time that she has been invited to be part of an influence squad, in this case Team Azul, for a long-term project”, says Aline Izo, manager of Magalu content and social networks

Squad of respect

After the official announcement, Lu was welcomed by other extremely influential women in the industry who also make up the Blue Team, such as Amanda Abreu (@AMD22k) and Nicolle Merhy, Cherrygumms, who is also a global ambassador for the Intel Gaming Alliance. Intel has increasingly been working on important issues such as Diversity and Inclusion in its actions, and the representation of women in the gaming world is, without a doubt, something that has been on the company’s radar for a long time.

Including Lu, from Magalu, in your squad of representatives is symbolic, since the virtual influencer travels and communicates with different audiences. The promotional actions took place on Tuesday (23), and drew 5 coupons worth R$ 1,000 valid for purchasing Intel products on the Magazine Luiza website.

Even after the action ends and without the coupons, valid items are still being sold at promotional prices for a limited time.

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