Legion Go has a smaller heatsink and the same temperature as ROG Ally


Comparing the Legion Go and the ROG Ally open, the Lenovo console has only one fan and a much smaller heatsink than the Asus. However, preliminary tests show that operating temperatures are similar at the same graphics and power settings.

Scheduled to launch in Brazil only in January 2024, the Legion GO will arrive in other markets in the coming days. As a result, technical data has already started to appear, and details about the internal construction of new hardware are always very welcome, whether to study the possibility of upgrades, maintenance or simply to learn more about the project.

Simpler project with the same result

One of the biggest concerns in portable systems, both consoles and PCs, is how much it heats up. Temperatures above maximum specifications can damage these devices, and even within thermal limits, high temperatures for prolonged periods can also be a problem.

So much so that, shortly after its launch, the ROG Ally presented overheating problems with the card reader that could eventually even damage microSD cards. This specific flaw was resolved via a firmware update, and ASUS emphasized that the Ally’s thermal solution is quite robust, precisely to avoid damage to other more sensitive parts.

For this reason, the smaller and simpler heatsink combined with a single fan seemed to be something of concern on the Legion GO. However, the console’s main PCB features the AMD Z1 Extreme chip, VRMs and other important components well covered by the heatsink.

With just one heatpipe connected to a vapor chamber, the set ends up attached to the fan that works as a blower, throwing hot air out of the system. The ROG Ally features a similar thermal solution, but with two blowers, increasing the console’s air output.

Generally, combinations of two fans are used in slightly larger devices, such as gaming notebooks. With more components that heat up a lot, it is natural that the air flow needs to be greater.

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However, it seems that as both systems are compact and the biggest heat source is the Z1 Extreme chip, the ROG Ally’s additional blower seems to act more as an extra guarantee than as something that actually interferes with performance. .

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