Layoffs at Microsoft, Amazon and more over app delivery strikes

Layoffs at Microsoft, Amazon and more over app delivery strikes

Today’s program will bring a double theme, as it is an unfolding of old themes around here. We started the program by talking about more layoffs in the industry.

Microsoft has announced its intention to lay off 10,000 employees by March this year. This would impact somewhere between 4% and 5% of the giant’s workforce.

In addition to her, Amazon would also start cutting 18,000 people on the same day. Yet another result of difficulties in the technology sector.

On the other side of the counter, let’s also talk about the stoppage movements of app delivery people here in Brazil. The class had a movement scheduled for the 25th of this month and suspended the stoppage. Wagner Wakka talked to the leader of the Application Deliverers Alliance, JR Freitas, to understand what changed.

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This episode was scripted, hosted and edited by Wagner Wakka. The program also featured reports by Gustavo de Lima Inacio, Victor Carvalho, Vinícius Moschen, Alveni Lisboa and Fidel Forato. The audio review is by Gabriel Rimi and Mari Capetinga. The soundtrack is a creation of Guilherme Zomer and the cover of this program is made by Erick Teixeira.