Know when quitting is the healthiest choice

Know when quitting is the healthiest choice

Mental health has been a much-discussed subject since the pandemic took hold. The population came to understand more about its importance, which stands out even in relation to professional life. This means that, depending on the scenario, the healthiest choice may be to resign. Learn how to recognize if your work is damaging at this level.

  • Small ten-minute breaks already help prevent Burnout
  • Meditation can help reduce symptoms of burnout syndrome

For starters: have you ever heard of Burnout syndrome? It is a psychic disorder characterized by a state of emotional tension and stress caused by exhausting working conditions. This excessive tiredness is associated with a strong loss of interest and engagement in work activities, and the great perception of effort is added to negative feelings, such as frustration or depression.

At the beginning of the year, the World Health Organization (WHO) started to official the Burnout syndrome as “chronic work stress that was not successfully managed”. This exhaustion may mean that it is better to put your current job aside before that this brings even more serious problems. To find out if it is time to resign, it is worth answering some of the following questions:

Do you feel valued?

Considering that employees tend to be more productive when they feel valued by management and colleagues, it is important to think to yourself whether the company you are working for recognizes your worth. Studies indicate that the main aspects related to the feeling of devaluation involve low wages, lack of promotion opportunities and disrespect at work.

Does the company care about the well-being of employees?

If you’re feeling bad at the company, it might be worth reflecting on whether the company cares about the well-being of employees, including their physical, emotional, social, and financial needs. See, for example, whether some members of your workplace have more opportunities for autonomy than others. What happens is that the less control you have over your daily activities at work, the greater the chance of stress.

Are you exhausted?

Being mentally exhausted shouldn’t be considered normal. Of course, the routine can be tiring, but if it persists and is negatively affecting you, you must understand that this is the time to change things. Experts indicate that taking a break can help. But if you’re still frequently angry, disconnected, numb, or depressed, maybe it’s time to quit your job and change companies or even fields.

Source: The New York Times